So, with many years experience in the corporate business world behind me, a lifetime pet owner, animal lover and farmer's daughter - I've set out to make a positive difference in pets' and peoples' lives.

I firmly believe my husband, a police K9 officer, has given all of our own pets a better and longer quality of life. If I can have this same influence in our community, for you and your pet(s), then maybe we all live a little longer and a little happier! This is not just a pet sitting company, we are much more than that !!

Shari Medina, Owner

Priority One Pet Services LLC

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I founded POPS as a result of numerous experiences that have occurred in my personal life and career over several years. Watching my mother and two near and dear furry kids succumb to cancer was heart wrenching. I, and others, did everything we possibly could to support our best friends but the time does come when you witness the last breath of life.  It was, however, during and following these difficult times that clear signs began to appear regularly - all of which kept telling me to open this business!  


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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Annapolis  

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p1petservices@gmail.comprofessional pet sitting company located in Annapolis, Maryland; dog walking, exercising, pet visits at your home and pet taxi services; coverage area in Anne Arundel County Maryland includes surrounding areas of Annapolis - Cape St. Claire, Arnold,  Annapolis, MD


From our Clients:

"Ever since having Shari take care    of our four dogs, we have felt so   much better when out of town   knowing they are getting the   personal attention and care they   need; and, get to stay in the   comfort of our home.  Whether   we've needed her last minute or   scheduled well in advance, Shari   and her team have always  

been able to help!"  

   -- Kris and Matt W    

"We are so glad we found POPS!!    With everything we have going   

on, we have no worries that   

our energetic guys are getting   

the exercise they require daily.   

They, and we, love you!!!"   

   -- Mary S     

"Reliable, trustworthy, punctual,    educated and awesome...why    would we ever use a kennel  

again?  We won't."  

     -- Ashlie and Brian S