Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Annapolis and Severn, MD areas  

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p1petservices@gmail.comprofessional pet sitting company located in Annapolis, Maryland; dog walking, exercising, pet visits at your home and pet taxi services; coverage area in Anne Arundel County Maryland includes surrounding areas of Annapolis - Cape St. Claire, Arnold,  Annapolis and now in SEVERN, MD


Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

in Annapolis, md area

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All pricing will be reviewed, finalized and agreed upon prior to any services rendered. Additional fees MAY be applied to above standard package pricing, such as:

* If over two animals, there is an additional $2.00 per pet fee

* For care on Federally recognized holidays+, there is an additional $8.00 charge

* If "The Out of Town" reservations are cancelled without 48 hour notice, there is a $20 cancellation fee

* Request for services with less than 48 hour notice, there is an additional $8.00

The Run Around $24
This is a 30 minute visit and walk or exercise session, usually between 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Such a visit would include the following:
Walk in your neighborhood or on local footpath
Playtime in your yard or at local dog park
Fresh Water
Administering medication if needed
​Health Spot Check 
The Out of Town $50
This is caring for your pet when you are unable... whether you are on vacation, working long hours, traveling on business or recovering from illness/surgery.  We work with you to establish pre-determined times in which a sitter will visit your home daily providing the following types of services:
Walk in your neighborhood or Playtime in your yard
Fresh Water and Food
Administering medication if needed
Cleaning up after pets
Retrieving mail and newspaper
Adjusting curtains, blinds and lights
Watering plants

Taking trash & recycles to curb

We are always happy to discuss
customized​ amenities, as this may
be necessary ​depending upon
varying pet care needs.

Prices shown are standard and

subject to change dependent

upon any adjustments required for

your pet package.

The Neighborhood Watch $18
This is a 20 minute visit with pets in your home.  Such a visit would include the following:
​Short Walk in your neighborhood and/or Playtime in your yard

Fresh Water

Administering medication if needed

Here are our standard offerings:

Pet Sitting

dog walking

CERTIFIED pet sitters

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